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The following things are what makes a person attractive | Read Below


If  You Want To Look More Attractive look out for the following Qualities..

  1. Humor. If you think you’re attractive and you don’t have humor, you’re not attractive to me. If you can make me laugh and continue to laugh each day, throughout the day, you’ve won my heart. That’s hard to do. I feel like a lot of people are fairly vague and lack humor and sarcasm. We live in 2019 where people are easily offended, so it’s great to have someone who can crack jokes and sarcasm, especially around someone who appreciates it, without worrying if they’ll offend someone or being offended themselves.
  2. Confidence. Confidence is sexy. It’s sexy because not a lot of people have it and it’s something that a lot of people won’t improve on or work at. Confidence, despite what you look like, is sexy. It shows that you’re not afraid of the opposition and ready to take on anything that comes your way.
  3. The way you treat restaurant servers, employees, and other customer service. If you want me to judge you on something and literally judge you on anything at all, it will be how you treat either of these individuals. If an employee says “Hey! How are y’all? Is there anything I can help you with?” and you completely ignore them and walk past them like they don’t exist, I will judge you. If you are mean to your restaurant server when they have no control over the situation or if you’re just rude just because you can be, I will judge you. If you are rude to any form of customer service, I will judge you. Point proven. The way you treat these individuals says a lot about your character as an individual.
  4. Your taste in music. I’m young, but I have a good taste in music or at least I’m told that (unless you’re from the younger generation whom thinks my musical taste absolutely sucks and is worth killing yourself over)….. but if you have a good taste in music, you’re automatically so much sexier to me. You’re also easier to be around and I’ll probably enjoy being around you a lot more.
  5. Risk taker. If you’re a risk taker – the type of person who lives on the edge and will drop everything at once and jump out of a plane on a work day, I’ll probably marry you.
  6. Those who live outside of their comfort zone. This is attractive. It’s more than attractive though – it’s super fun to be around someone like this. They’re the type of people who will make sure you have fun. They’ll do what they can to build your confidence and help you break out of your comfort zone. They will take you on adventures and make sure you experience new situations. They’re fun and kinda unpredictable.
  7. Good heart. A person with a good heart is a necessity in my life. The type of person who helps others, but doesn’t get used to the point they are abused is attractive. The type of person who thrives to help others in any situation that comes their way is a good person.
  8. Smiles. I love a smile. A smile is attractive. A smile is an instant way to make someone feel comfortable.
  9. Social. I like people who are social, but not snorting a line and kicking back bottles of vodka kinda social. If you do this or are an avid party person, you’re almost instantly unattractive to me. If you’re the type of person who is social and is the life of the party that doesn’t involve all the drugs, alcohol, and other bad life decisions, then you’re instantly more attractive to me.
  10. Conservatism. Last, but not least, I love someone who leans Conservative. I appreciate those with Conservative values and morals. I’m a southerner. It’s in my blood.

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