KB Ft Triple M x Slick Bowy x KD Giza x FlexVille Marley x Chewe – My Diary 14

Zambia’s music scene is buzzing with the release of “My Diary 14” by KB featuring Triple M, Slick Bowy, KD Giza, Flexville Marley, and Chewe. This collaboration marks the fourteenth installment of the iconic “My Diary” series.

The artists deliver heartfelt verses, sharing personal stories over a soulful beat. The track’s authenticity resonates, offering listeners a glimpse into the artists’ lives. With diverse styles and compelling narratives, “My Diary” not only showcases the talent of each contributor but also cements the series as a powerful platform for storytelling within Zambian hip-hop. Get ready to be captivated by this musical journey.

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