Breaking News- Mutale Mwanza’s left Aye is at risk of becoming Blind- Watch



Mutale Mwanza at the verge of going blind

Popular Media Personality Mutale Mwanza is rumored to be losing her eye sight. It is believed that Mwanza has been unwell for some days now & is evidenced by her recent social media posts as well as her Malawian boy/friend Taygrin who posted on FB :
“ Wishing you a restful night, my Queen. Sweet dreams and a swift recovery ?
#TaMu❤️ “

According to sources close to the Media Mogul, Mutale Mwanza has experienced a break out of an unknown infection on her face which has caused sores & severe swelling and Loss of eyesight.Tests have been conducted & Doctors are yet to ascertain the cause of the illness/infection.

Let us remember M-Nation in our prayers.
Get well soon Mutale Mwanza.

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